Miley Cyrus, “Wrecking Ball” Video DEMOLISH Vevo Records!!

She’s been under intense scrutiny, to put it mildly, but if Miley Cyrus’ goal is to make music history and be talked about, chalk this week up as a win.

Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video attracted 19.3 million views in its first 24 hours online, 44 million in 48 hours and 71 million in 72 hours. All records.

In the process of her naked riding of the wrecking ball, she’s re-writing record books and helping Vevo annihilate its competitors like never before.

These days, Vevo dominates the world of online music videos to a degree that is surprising considering the pedigree and head start of its rivals.

In August, Vevo racked up 49.3 million unique visitors and 609 million video views, crushing its nearest challengers, MTV, Yahoo and AOL music.

And that was before “Wrecking Ball” even came out.The company, founded in 2009, was launched with the backing of Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment, two of the three largest record labels.

Miley Cyrus’ label, RCA, is under Sony.

Having established its centrality among music fans on YouTube, Vevo is now aiming to conquer the next big thing in music videos: mobile distribution.

Says Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff:

“Last year in the U.S. alone, 51 percent of our streaming happened off of the PC – on mobile, tablet, and television. That’s really what’s driving our growth.”

That and Twerking.

But seriously, the “emotional experience” that is Miley Cyrus growing up before our very eyes is not only generating buzz, but changing the industry.

She can’t stop …

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball Music Video Smashes Into View — And She’s Fully Naked! Watch It HERE!

And you thought she wouldn’t be able to top We Can’t Stop.

Well, we were both wrong! Getting fully naked to ride a wrecking ball? Um…. OKAY!

Miley Cyrus debuted her second music video today from her anticipated Bangerz disc and we guarantee, it’s all anyone is gonna talk about today . We’d already heard Wrecking Ball a few weeks back, but now we get to SEE what the song is really about for the Mileybird.

In case you weren’t aware, this whole concept comes from the collective minds of Miley and Terry Richardson, who is fairly well known for pushing the envelope.

And push it they have. She makes out with a sledge hammer, she cries all over everything…

And she’s butt-naked on a wrecking ball! C’mon!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to watch all that Miley has to offer in Wrecking Ball.


Samsung to unveil Galaxy Gear SmartWatch on September 4


Perhaps looking to spoil Apple’s September 10 iPhone 5S/5C party, Samsung of South Korea is reportedly set to make a major wearables-focused announcement six days ahead of Apple’s press conference. The South Korean conglomerate last week sent out invites for its August 4 Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event to launch the Galaxy Note III.

As it turns out, the firm may have another surprise up its sleeve come August 4: a Galaxy-branded smartwatch designed to act as a companion device for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets…

SamMobile has apparently confirmed that Samsung will in fact launch the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (model number  (SM-V700) “on the same day it takes the wraps off its third-generation Note”.

The Samsung event is due on September 4 – that’s the first Wednesday in September – at 7pm local time / 1pm ET / 10am Pacific.

A pair of drawings in this post are taken from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear trademark filingwhich describes “wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the Internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages”.


With a Samsung-branded smartwatch practically looming on the horizon and the Pebble being readily available across retail outlets nationwide, small wonder that Google, Microsoft,LG and others are ostensibly working on similar products of their own.

It’s worth pointing out this seeming flurry of activity in the wearable space is happening amidst persisting iWatch rumors.

For those who can’t make it to Berlin to follow along Samsung will provide a live stream of the presser in New York’s Time Square and on YouTube.

We’ll be watching the event as it unfolds to bring you up to speed with Samsung’s announcements – because it pays to know your competition.

This is most probably the Low-Cost iPhone!


Most of the reports we’ve seen over the past 6 months have suggested that Apple is going to be releasing a new, low-cost iPhone alongside its iPhone 5S this fall. And the theory has been corroborated by a mound of evidence, including a barrage of plastic iPhone shells.

Adding to the evidence today is Michael Kukielka, also known as the DetroitBorg, who has posted a high quality video of what appears to be a white plastic iPhone shell. Kukielka gives us a clear view of the case and compares it to the iPod touch and other iPhone models…

Here’s his video :

There’s a few things worth noting in the video. First, the plastic shell clearly matches up with the other ones we’ve seen over the past few weeks, in various of colors. And two, notice how Kukielka describes the phone as a cross between the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch.

This matches up with a report from a January report by iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz—well before shells started turning up:

“Apple’s budget housing looks closest to the iPod classic in shape, though not in materials. Unlike the plastic iPhone 3G/3GS, which featured soft curves on all sides, the budget iPhone’s curves start and end at flat surfaces, so each side and the back are flat. This seems like a trivial change, until you realize that it allows Apple to use flat rather than curve-matched parts: the right side has a flat, centered SIM card tray just like the iPhone 5’s, while all of the buttons and ports are on flat rather than curved surfaces. A flat-backed iPhone won’t rock on a flat surface when it vibrates, either.”

And that’s the thing with this so-called budget iPhone. The rumors and reports have beenvery consistent for a very long time, all pointing to a handset made up of plastic and metal, resembling the iPhone 5, with more rounded edges and a price tag somewhere around $300.

Pundits expect that such a device, even with mid-tier pricing, would help Apple dramatically increase its marketshare in emerging markets like India, Russia and China. It would also likely do well here in the US, where carriers seem to be slowly doing away with device subsidies.

Yesterday, Apple announced on its quarterly earnings call that it sold 31.2 million iPhones during its June quarter.

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