A Message to My Readers

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’ve started this blog back in 2012 (Late December 2011 to be precise) when I was taking a programming course at the University; it was meant for educational purposes only..

But this blog ended up having so much traffic, over 1 Million Readers (1,041,055 Readers as of this writing to be exact on August 27, 2016) and thousands of subscribers so I couldn’t resist to keep posting some interesting articles, mostly about Tech.

Why Blogging?

One of the overlooked benefits of blogging is the meditating effect it can have on people.

You need to think about what will be published on your blog, you spend a lot of time reflecting and researching. This is usually a very contradicting form of working, compared to most jobs today.

Additionally, you aren’t restricted or limited to any subject. You can literally write about whatever you please.

Before you start blogging, you need to learn how and where to type out your blog posts. The idea of creating a website sounds a lot scarier than it is.

There are so many resources today, that teach you step-by-step how you can get started, creating your own website within a few minutes.

Why it Matters?

When I first started blogging, most of the Articles where taken from famous websites.

Then I’ve started to write some of my own posts about Tech, Art, Games, Celebrities Gossips, Movies, Music and other interesting subjects.

I even started posting the results of the Lebanese Official Exams. And thousands of Lebanese students started to check their results primarily on my Blog!

Your friends’ feedback and reactions after publishing a post is the best thing about blogging! All of the social media reactions, comments, likes and shares you get on each post will mean the world to you.

Getting noticed by Ministers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and many powerful & inspiring people.. taking their feedback and impressions on you and your blog will also make you feel wonderful and feel the need to double up the efforts.

Companies will also reach you to write posts and give some positive reviews about their products; and if you’re lucky enough you’ll have the opportunity to be invited to many exclusive events and test some exclusive products as well!

But now, I’ve decided to put my Blog on Hold.

You may have noticed that I’m not posting much anymore, and it has been bothering me a lot. I’ve come to the point where I still have a lot to write, but sitting down and taking the time to do it has been a struggle.

This blog has been a passion project for me and I do it only out of love. Unlike most other people writing about entrepreneurship and giving some fake reviews, I’ve had no plans to make any money out of my blog.

As I’ve said, I’m reconsidering my priorities in life, so spending that much time on anything besides family or business right now just isn’t practical, which is why I’m putting the blog on hold.

I’ll try to stay active on Twitter and keep you posted with the news that made you follow this blog from the start. Make sure to follow me (@ElieChahine) and stay connected! You can also reach me on info@eliechahine.com if needed.

So that’s it for a while.  I wish you all the best in whatever journey you’re on!  Keep in touch, I’m not going anywhere, I’m just going to be quiet. 🙂.

Elie M. Chahine