Lebanon : Ashrafieh’s Collapsed building . [UPDATED]

An old residential building collapsed in the Beirut area of Ashrafieh on Sunday 15 2012, local media outlets reported.

According to MTV, the five-story building, erected in the 1960s, collapsed due to cracks in its walls that came as a result of bad weather conditions. The building is located on Al-Mitran Atallah street in the Fassouh neighborhood of Ashrafieh.  

Red Cross and Civil Defense servants rushed to the scene and launched rescue operations, while security forces cordoned the area of the incident.

There is still no information regarding the number of casualties or survivors.

” مشهد مأساوي في أكثر منشآت البناء ” 

And BTW This is what Michel Hayek predicted on new year’s eve , and this is what happened . Coincidence ?  Maybe .. God Bless Everyone !


27 people were killed  and at least 12 people were injured .

“It was like an earthquake” when the block collapsed, one witness told the local MTV channel.

On Christmas Eve one Column collapsed , Owner of the building visited the residents 5 minutes before it collapsed advising them to leave the building tonight , another witness said .

Number of MPs, political and religious bodies , led by President of the Republic Michel Sleiman Inspected the place .

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