Microsoft’s First Surface Tablet Ad Appears And Pricing Revealed!

Microsoft’s Surface launch is getting reach to happen, and it’s all coming together with a massive, massive advertising campaign.

Microsoft hasn’t had a year this pivotal in years, with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Windows RT and the Surface tablet range all shipping in 2012.

That’s a lot of new material, and it’s going to require a lot of advertising to convince the masses to pay attention to the company’s new products. The Surface will hit here in just a few days (10/26), and the device’s first ad has hit the Web.

Care to see it? It’s just below, and it definitely pays close attention to the Surface keyboard and kickstand. Let’s see your iPad / Android tablet do this song and dance.


A slip-up at the Microsoft online store has finally lead to the unveiling of the Surface tablet’s pricing. Scheduled to hit store on October 26, the pricing of the Microsoft Surface starts from $500 without the cool Black Touch Cover with keyboard.

However, chances are that you’ll want the cool accessory, which basically transforms the Surface into a fully-fledged notebook replacement. In that case, you’ll need to shell out $600. Both prices apply for the 32GB version of the slate.

The 64GB variation is priced at $700 with the Black Touch Cover included. The Touch Cover is also available for purchase separately for $120 a pop and comes in red, black, white, blue or purple. There’s also the Type Cover retailing for $130, but that’s only available in black.

Unfortunately, the listing on the Microsoft online store isn’t available any longer.

With the Surface’s advertisements already showing on TV and all over the Internet, and rocking the same price as the iPad 3 (32GB), Microsoft’s slate is ready for a fight in the upcoming holiday season.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft’s First Surface Tablet Ad Appears And Pricing Revealed!

  1. cool ad – but what does the Surface tablet actually do? They’re making it look like a laptop, but I’m guessing its actually a lot more like an iPad (but without the benefits of the appStore etc)..?

    1. I think its more like a tablet and a laptop at the same time, it’s more practical than the iPad for businesses and editing and stuff like that, And the keyboard case It’s a little thing that makes a big difference, especially when you need your tablet to emulate a laptop for heavy duty typing. And you’re right, on the other side the iPad has tons of useful and entertaining apps that you can find on the App Store unlike the Windows Store.

      1. how is it more like a laptop? I have a logitech ipad case with built-in keyboard which is great, but working on it is still v much working on a tablet rather thana laptop because of the way the programs work (i.e. touch screen instead of mouse-driven) it’s just that typing is easier.

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